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An Interim Council has been put in place to oversee the affairs of the Pan African Writers Association (PAWA) until the Association’s next Congress.

This development followed the resignation of the Interim President of the erstwhile PAWA Council and Pioneer Vice President (West Africa) of PAWA, Professor Femi Osofisan.

In his resignation letter of January 22 2021, Professor Osofisan also dissolved the old PAWA Council as well the ad hoc Steering Committee.

It is on record that PAWA has been governed by the same Council for many years due to the Association’s inability to hold a Congress as a result of financial and logistics constraints.

It was for this reason that the erstwhile Council as part of its mandates to the new Secretary General of PAWA, Dr Wale Okediran, directed him to organize a proper Continent-wide Congress during which elective positions will be conducted.

Members of the PAWA Interim Council who were appointed after due consultations with PAWA Country Members are as follows;

1. Mr. John Rusimbi (Rwanda) — President
2. Dr Omar Gaddour (Sudan) — Vice President (North Africa)
3. Prof Mrs. Koumeato Anate (Togo) -Vice President (West Africa)
4. Professor Egara Kabaji (Kenya) –Vice President (East Africa)
5. Dr Lebogang Nawa (South Africa) – Vice President (South Africa)
6. Madam Imela Oyono Ayingono (Equatorial Guinea) – Vice President (Central Africa)

The position of the Vice President (Diaspora) will be announced soon.

On behalf of African Writers, I wish to thank members of the erstwhile PAWA Council and the Steering Committee for their meritorious service to the organization. The Association will continue to be grateful for their immense labor of love.

I also look forward to working with the Interim Council in our effort to re- strategize PAWA in line with the dreams and aspirations of its founding fathers.

Dr Wale Okediran
PAWA Secretary General

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